Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Sports is our passion and joy. Passion for our work is the fuel that inspires us to achieve extraordinary results :

Full Day Session

We have a thorough understanding of the corporate and small business environment, therefore setting our vision.

Special Coach

To be a locally successful, sought after and well respected events management company in all aspects present.

Best Player Team

To provide a personalized approach in rendering any service possible, offering services from concepts to production.


To price each of our clients according to their personal needs, surpassing their expectations along the way.

Qualified Staff

Host weekly events near you Organize events for independent institutions Organize annual league championships.

Training Schedule

This is a service for the young players of our nation, where we help you catch on the best opportunities.


Our team of event professionals is quite simply the best in the business, in New Delhi. If you would like to join this team of professionals and have the opportunity to work on some of the most fun and exciting events in the industry – contact us with your background and skills and we will give you a call. Our crews work hard to produce professional and memorable events, and we work on some of the largest events in Southern California; but after all, we are producing sports events so we make sure to have fun and enjoy our work. If you’re interested in joining our event crew please email your resume and cover letter to info@infrasports.in.

Infra Sports designs, manages & executes innovative sports projects that benefit the society and also offer value to our clients. Our vision is to become a reference company in the world´s Sports Industry contributing to the sports development at all levels. We communicate and interact with a captive, specific audience during our unforgettable events. At Kaptiva Sports, we helps clients to capitalize through our sports opportunities, delivering maximum brand impact through a personalized activation.

Our Values

  • To achieve the project's stated goals
  • To create a fun, memorable experience that will bring the athlete back time and again
  • To create a professional atmosphere that helps you stand out
  • To build an event into a community that perpetually grows and achieves our respective goals